Personalised Eartags

Looking for a personalised gift idea but just can't think what to get? Know someone with a sense of humour who loves cows? Well here's an idea...a stylized cow print with personalised eartags! 

If you like my prints Moo Money and The Grass is Always Greener, why not decide which cow you prefer and have the eartags personalised? Simply order a print and I will hand paint your message. It can be anything you like except short/abbreviated words only I'm afraid! Too much information won't work well.

Feel free to drop me an email before you commit and I'll check if your message will work and look good. I'll sketch a little preview so you can see if it's what you're after. Please allow a couple of days extra in addition to usual postage times to allow me time to hand customise your print. 

The print will be framed and presented just as any other print, only this time it's personal.