January 2019

By Sophie Kane Artist

January 2019

I survived the markets! Phew. Not just survived but enjoyed and thrived. Hereford Christmas Market went really well for me (thank goodness) and I met lots of interesting and engaging people.  I’ve discovered that I really quite enjoy selling my work through markets as it’s sociable and it’s good meeting my customers face to face. It’s also a great way to get feedback on my products and has given me ideas on how to keep improving. I’ll be attending various markets throughout 2019, most likely in Cirencester, Hereford and Abergavenny.

Through working at the markets, I was lucky enough to meet Katie and Lee. These two lovelies run The Roastery Coffee House in Quedgeley, Gloucester, an award winning cafe. [The ‘Best Cafe in the South West’ to be precise, awarded by The Food Awards England 2018!] Katie and Lee invited me to display my work at The Roastery and for the last month or so my framed prints have adorned their walls, oh so proudly. My art-style seems to fit perfectly with the vibe of the cafe and the feedback has been wonderful. I’m grateful for the opportunity to sell my work from such a cool place, these guys really know what they’re doing.

I’m determined to stay on the path of sustainability as I continue to grow my business. I want to prove it’s possible to run a successful, profitable business whilst staying environmentally and socially conscious. My aim is to always provide a premium quality product that is both affordable and ethically sourced. I’m so glad I made time to find suppliers who offer the best value for money because it means I can charge less for a superior product, without compromising on quality. Since embarking on this venture, it has surprised me just how many ‘green’ alternatives there are to the standard plastic packaging and how in actual fact, they’re not prohibitively more expensive. It is possible to make these positive changes without breaking the bank.

My next step is to upgrade my website and start selling online. This will be happening as soon as I’ve sorted a reliable and affordable packaging supplier, to enable me to post my artwork to customers. I’m excited for the year to come and looking forward to producing new work. Bring on 2019!