Gloucester Quays

By Sophie Kane Artist

Gloucester Quays

A few days ago, I completed my first ever market stall-holder experience. I had a wooden cabin stall at the Gloucester Quays Victorian Christmas Market for 11 days and I’m very happy to say that it was a very encouraging experience. The feedback I received about my work was overwhelmingly positive, I sold lots of work and I met so many lovely people.

As a first timer, I was anxious about what the market may hold in store for me. I didn’t really know what to expect or what the reception from the public might be. So I’m incredibly relieved and happy that most people seem to enjoy my work. Many of my pieces elicited smiles and laughter from strangers, which is exactly the reaction I love the most. I enjoy making connections with people through my artwork and if one of my pieces moves somebody emotionally in some way, I feel I’ve achieved what I set out to accomplish.

I’ve certainly learned a lot about framing since this first venture. I’ve learned what to do and more importantly, what not to do. I did rather underestimate the effect that the weather conditions may have on my prints. It was a very cold few weeks and I suppose being situated at the historic Gloucester Docks meant there was added moisture in the air. If you bought one of my prints (in particular the large prints) and you’re disappointed (because it has warped or moved) then please get in touch with me directly and I’ll replace it. The last thing I want is for anyone to be disappointed.

Thank you to everyone who bought my work, came to visit me at the stall or who has generally encouraged me in some way. I appreciate your support. I feel like I’m on the right path now and I’m excited to create new work. I’ve got lots of ideas which I can’t wait to get down onto paper. Watch this space!